Meet the most important people in Zbruch's life OUR CLIENTS & SUPPORTERS!

"To each and everyone of you with the up most sincerity, we say THANK YOU!!!!!"

Anna Kisil
Anna Kisil
Director - MEEST Corporation Inc.
Ms. Kisil, pictured on the left, always takes time from her extremely busy schedule for Zbruch. She has the heart of an angel and the wisdom of a genius.

"Thank you - Anna!!!"
Bayda Kozaks
Oleg Sukhy & Yuri Kus
Radio Announcers - MEEST Corporation Inc.
Listen to Radio Meest and keep abreast of issues at the heart of Ukrainians.
Yuri Darmohriy
Yuri Darmohriy
Radio Announcer
From Buffalo, New York.

"Zbruch river in Ukraine unites east and west, in Canada
Zbruch unites all Ukrainians."
Operations Manager - Camp Sokil Pavilion
Camp Sokil Pavilion, which is owned and operated by the Ukrainian National Federation. Zenon operated Camp Sokil Pavilion in 2000 as Mr. Z's Patio. On June 24th, 2000 Camp Sokil opened its doors to the public to PROMOTE SAFETY and raise funds for HELP US HELP THE CHILDREN, a project of the Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund. Children and family members alike enjoyed carnival activities, entertainment, games, jump tents, pony rides and more. Police (Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto Police Service Mounted Unit, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police),Oro Medonte Fire Department, ambulance departments (Orillia, St. John's and Royal Victoria Hospital Ambulance Services) and Road Watch officials were on hand to promote safety and fun. Zbruch performed a benefit concert that evening.

"When we hire Zbruch its a hands off experience for us, and we join in on the fun. Without hesitation we say to potential clients: "Put your entertainment needs in Zbruch's qualified hands." They are versatile and play a vast repertoire of music in English and Ukrainian. Zbruch orchestrates synergy into the crowd creating an upbeat atmosphere."
Sandra J. Hayes
Sandra J. Hayes
Event Palnner
"It is with pleasure that I highly recommend Zbruch. They embody heart and soul. It is a rare blessing when an event producer receives the voluntary support of outstanding entertainers. Volunteers and attendees alike are still raving about Zbruch's sheer talent!"