Zbruch has formed many musical ties for which we are grateful. Here are but a few outstanding artists pulled from the pages of our photo albums to share with you.To these associate artists we say with all sincerity,

"Thanks for the memories!. Until we meet again, Na Zdorovya!"

Associate Artists
Bayda Kozaks
Bayda Kozaks
The spirited Bayda, featured in the center of the photo to the left, with Zbruch.
Bayda Kozaks
Ivo Bobul & Lilia Sandelusal
Renowned singers from Kiev, Ukraine.
Bayda Kozaks
Victor Pavlik
Ukrainian Pop Star. Recorded a CD with Zbruch during his visit November 2000.
Bayda Kozaks
Vlodoko Perun & Igor Ridyj

Vlodko Perun

Bandurist with Kapela Banduristy in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Igor Ridyj

The best saxaphonist in Ukraine,known as
the Ukrainian Kenny G.

Left to right: Victor Moroz (Matros), Oleg Matsievski,
Igor Rudyj, and Vlodko Perun.
Ukrainian Music Ensemble, Edmonton, Alberta. Enjoying professional comaraderie with Zbruch.Top left - Ralph Sorochan, front left - Johnny Moroz , front centre - Clint Moroziuk, front third from left - Jodie Wacko.