Ukranian band Zbruch was established with a vision of blending traditional music with contemporary sound. Each member contributes a unique musical talent and enables band to play a vast repertoire and compose innovative new music. Today Zbruch encompasses the talents of Oleg Matsievski, Aleksandr Boychuk, Dmytro Bilan, Andrij Lesiuk, and Andrij Jmourko. The musical roots of Zbruch grew out of a friendship between Oleg Matsievski and Andrej Jmourko. They began playing together in their homeland of Ukraine. As their friendship and love of music has deepened, the musical spirit of Zbruch emerged.
The Beginning
One might say Zbruch's soul was born in Ukraine where Oleg Matsievski and Andrej Jmourko united as friends. Their love of music, pride in their heritage, and Canadian experience inspires them to take the best of both worlds and funnel it into new sounds. Today Oleg and Andrij together with Dmytro Bilan, Andrij Lesiuk, and Alexander Boychuk are known as Zbruch. This history reflects the emerging musical talent of Oleg and Andrij before they united with their fellow band members in Zbruch. Enjoy!
Vivaton 1989 - 1991
In 1989 Ivo Bobul, Narodnyj Artist of Ukraine, partnered with Everest to expand concert opportunities. The newly formed band united as VIVATON. Based out of the City of Ternopil they performed throughout Ukraine.
The Early Years 1978 - 1985
Igor Petrushka - guitarist and resident of Ukraine. Igor performed alongside Andrij Jmourko and Oleg Matsievski when they played informally as teenagers. Although separated by time and distance they are still bonded by friendship.

Eduard Prysiazhniuk - guitarist and background vocalist. Eduard initiated the forming of an informal band to play for the home town community centre in the town of Mikulyntsi. Andrij Jmourko and Oleg Matsievski were separated from Eduard when he was called to serve the army. Today Eduard resides in Toronto, Canada.

Oleg Matsievski
Keyboardist, Vocalist, & Manager
In addition to playing the keyboard exceptionally well and singing, Oleg manages Zbruch. Oleg keeps the band together and orchestrates synergy amongst the band members with his one of a kind sense of humour and personable nature. Oleg is articulate and focuses his technical expertise, determinism, and foresight to perfect Zbruch's sound. Thanks to Oleg, Zbruch projects quality sound and an expanding repertoire that celebrates the Ukrainian spirit.
Andrij Jmourko
Singer, Drummer & MC
Andrij is an exceptional performer. In addition to singing, he enhances the beat of Zbruch's music by playing the drums and percussions. As an MC, Andrij involves the audience with his playful personality. He orchestrates the synergy of Zbruch into the crowd, transforming the atmosphere into one of participation by young, old, single and/or married. When Zbruch performs the crowd springs into action and if anybody is left sitting they are usually chair dancing or singing along. Andrij blends the crowd, encouraging interaction and participation. He makes everyone feel welcome and when opportunity permits goes out of his way to make individuals feel special.
Andrij Lesiuk
Lead Guitarist & Vocalist
Andrij is an exceptional guitarist and vocalist who has been perfecting his unique style since childhood. He is undoubtedly a crowd pleaser who contributes to Zbruch an effervescent youthfulness. He has an incredible ability to articulate, fine tune, improvise, and invent new sounds. Andrij is innovative and takes a fresh approach to perfecting music fragments and enhancing the song. His well trained voice is unique, soft, and appealing. As a vocalist his repertoire is vast. In concert he undoubtedly turns head when he takes the lead performing modern english music. In addition to his inborn musical talent, fellow band members say he was chosen for his personality. He's open minded, down-to-earth, and has a great sense of humour.
Alexander Boykchuk
Saxaphonist, Flute & Clarinet
Growing up in Ukraine Sasha was exposed to a rich diversity of east European music from the childhood. After studies at St. Petersburg conservatory he got a job with St. Petersburg symphony orchestra under the direction of Evgeny Mravinsky. Later he focused his studies on jazz and travelled all over Europe, Asia and North America as a leader of Moscow Saxophone Quintet. Since moving to Canada he has performed with world greats: Tito Puente, Michael Buble, Diane Schuur, Arturo Sandoval, Michael Bolton, Gladys Knight, Pat Metheny, Clark Terry and others. His stage credits include: Jersey Boys, Evita, Cabaret, Music of the Night, Beauty and the Beast, South Pacific, Drowsy Chaperone, Swing, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Guys and Dolls, Cabaret, Sweet Charity, Aladdin (Broadway, Mirvish and US National tours), and many others. Sasha is also a busy freelance musician.
Dmytro Bilan
Vocalist & Accordionist
Dmytro plays the accordion exceptionally well and enhances Zbruch repertoire. Undoubtedly his greatest musical strength is his voice. He has the most professional trained voice of all Zbruch members. In the studio Dmytro records his songs in one shot – no retakes. Fellow band members say that when he sings he becomes the song. Dymtro reads the song, thinks about it for a couple of minutes, comes to the microphone, closes his eyes, and the image of the song is right there. He sings with passion and character, enabling listeners to visualize the song. Dmytro has been professionally training, singing, playing in various groups, and even teaching for approximately fifteen years.